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Better Health fitness campaign

Seven in 10 adults are motivated to get healthier in 2021 due to COVID-19

New data reveals that eight in 10 (80%) adults have made the active decision to make changes to their lifestyle in 2021, with seven in 10 (68%) saying that they are motivated to make healthier changes due to coronavirus.27

The top three things adults aged 40-60 were planning to make are:

1. exercising more (40%)

2. eating more healthily (39%)

3. losing weight (41%)

This comes as a third of adults (35%) said they have been snacking more, 30% also exercised less in the latter half of the year, 23% of drinkers (at least 1 unit a week) claimed that their alcohol intake has increased since the start of the second lockdown and nearly a third of smokers (29%) said they are smoking more.

In addition, more than one in four adults (28%) aged 18+ feel that their mental health has deteriorated since the pandemic began.

Public Health England has launched a Better Health campaign to encourage the nation to work towards a healthier lifestyle, whether it’s losing weight or getting active, looking after their mental wellbeing or quitting smoking, with the support of a variety of tools and apps, including the updated NHS Weight Loss Plan app.

Search ‘Better Health’ or visit for free tools and support with programmes, including Better Health’s NHS Weight Loss Plan app, BMI Calculator, Easy Meals app, Couch to 5k programme, Active 10 App and Heart Age app, to start leading a healthier lifestyle today.