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Chippenham Youth Council needs you

Chippenham Youth Council is run by Chippenham Town Council and aimed at 10 (year 6) to 18 year old young people who live or go to School in Chippenham.

It’s a great opportunity for young people to meet with other young people in the town and have discussions and work on projects with the Town Council and local organisations and stakeholders to make Chippenham a great place to live and go to School.

Some projects the Youth Council have been working on are Homelessness, working with Doorway and Unity House, Identifying groups available for young people in Chippenham, Mental Health and the work of Stanley Park Sports Ground, the Climate Emergency and the work of the Council’s Climate Emergency Advisory Group (CEAG).

It has been a challenging year with meetings having to be virtual on Zoom, however they can now take place in person at the Town Hall again and all are looking forward to the next steps for the Youth Council.

There are two meetings remaining before the summer holidays and these will be open to any interested young person to attend to see what meetings are like.

They are on Weds 30 June and Mon 19 Jul at 4.30pm in the Town Hall, Chippenham with social distancing in place.

A place at these meetings must be booked in advance to ensure we have capacity/consent but this option is open to young people if they want to try it out before joining officially from September when regular meetings will resume.  

Applications are now open and to find out more or apply visit