Andy Henly

Andy Henly

Chippenham Hospital Radio

A mixture of songs that have shaped our planet through good and bad times but all with a nice beat combo.

  • What's your favourite song of all time?
  • Zoom by Fat Larry's Band

  • What's your favourite flavour of crisps?
  • It would have to be a fight between Salt & Vinegar and Cheese & Onion.  (S&V might win)
  • The first Album you bought?
  • 50 Classic TV Themes (Got it Free with the first 'Now' Album) I wanted that more than 'Now' as it had the theme to 'On The Move' on it
  • Who or what makes you laugh?
  • Dad's Army, I can watch them over and over and over again. The best 'Pick Me Up' tonic anywhere.

  • If you had a celebrity friend/partner who would it be?
  • I have a few on Facebook. But, I think Zammo from Grange Hill is mostly forgotten about these days.

  • The best thing about Chippenham?
  • It's my home! I love the history, the people, the buildings, the character, even the smell of the town. (Just not the traffic jams)